jay merrick | marble hornets

alice abernathy | resident evil (movies)     

     alfendi layton | layton brothers: mystery room

charlie | slenderverse/boyfriend to death oc     

     jevil | deltarune

the pyro | team fortress 2     


the others


     sophie walten | the walten files

charlie emily | five nights at freddy's (novels)     

     springtrap | five nights at freddy's 3

michael afton | five nights at freddy's     

     cleo cazo/ratcatcher 2 | the suicide squad

piers nivans | resident evil 6     

     charlie andersen | resident evil oc/self insert

oswald the lucky rabbit | disney (epic mickey)     

     strawberry cookie | cookie run

siebren du kuiper/sigma | overwatch     

     cecil palmer | welcome to night vale


     kris | deltarune

the crying child | five nights at freddy's 4