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literally me!

Jay Merrick | Marble Hornets

My primary ID kin, to the point where I use his name as my preferred name in my college classes. Figured out I was kin with him sometime my junior year of high school, I think, after being into MH for awhile before then. Took me a little longer after that to realize I wanted to use his name, so here I am. The only downside thus far is that sometimes the good ol' Operator paranoia comes back to bite me on the ass.

Alice Abernathy | Resident Evil (Movies)

Another ID kin, my secondary one, but not one I use outside of the internet. I was kind of denial about being kin with her for a long time, using her name even moreso. The RE movies arent't the greatest and I was kind of embarassed to even think about it. Eventually I just said 'the hell with it!' and now she's one of my IDs. I also technically RP her in this one server I'm in but I haven't used her in ages.

Jevil | Deltarune

One of my most recent kins. I played his fight so many damn times and eventually my brain went "hey, so, we're kin with him, fun fact" after awhile. The reason I started IDing as him is kind of funny; I changed my Steam name to "jevil gaming" because the "[blank] gaming" meme is funny, and people started calling me Jevil. And I started enjoying being called Jevil. Now I'm a clown! :o3

Alfendi Layton | Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

One of my earliest kins, alongside a couple others. In fact, it was realizing I was kin with Alfendi that made me realize I was kin at all. I used to have a lot more kin memories but I don't really remember much of them anymore. I used to use Al as my go-to name for years once I figured out I was trans, too, until Jay took over as my primary name. Now I still have it in my names list for sentimental reasons, to be honest.

Charlie | Slenderverse/Boyfriend to Death OC

My last ID kin. Originally, Charlie existed as a sort of HABIT-type character that I had possessing my EMH self insert. Somewhere down the line I ended up kin with my own OC, then I just sort of shoved them into BTD because they fit that universe too. And why not, you know? Their name was snagged from a different kin (you'll see down the line) but now I use Charlie as a name because of this OC.

The Pyro | Team Fortress 2

My most recent kin, but one I've found I've been identifying with more often than some of my older kintypes. I don't use Pyro as a name or anything, but I dunno, I feel like I just am them sometimes. Hell, one of my inserts for TF2 is a Pyro themselves. Doesn't help that I am a filthy W+M1 Pyro main when I actually play TF2, I suppose. I feel more aligned with their comics version than the game/shorts.

other kins!

Sophie Walten | The Walten Files

Starting off with a kin I don't feel the upmost attachment to. I think it's some kind of cruel cosmic joke, considering Sophie and another one of my kins are very similar. Dead dads and siblings, dealing with fucked up robots. Weird how that keeps happening to me. Still, watching Bunnyfarm made the little kin alarm bells go off in my head like the rest of my kins did when I figured out I was kin with them. Not entirely sure how else to describe it.

Strawberry Cookie | Cookie Run

I feel mostly connected to the Ovenbreak version of Strawberry. I haven't really touched Cookie Run in a long time, but I still feel an attachment to her. I kind of miss the other Commons the most whenever I end up in some kind of kinshift towards her. I'm also pretty sure I was some form of nonbinary in my Strawberry canon, but don't hold me to that. Other than that, not too many memories or feelings when it comes to Strawberry.

Piers Nivans | Resident Evil 6

The funniest part about me being kin with Piers is that I figured it out after making one of my self inserts his little sibling. And then, oops, here I am, I'm my own brother. (And then that same thing happened again later in a different source with my kins.) A lot of my very limited kin memories from him are all from the end of the campaign, especially the whole giant BOW arm thing. That shit hurt, if you were wondering. It hurt like a bitch.