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a collection of links, resources, etc.

Coding/HTML/Page Making

Asylums' Coding Page - Livejournal page with links to other pages with free-use HTML.

Eggramens' Coding Page - Neocities page with more free-use HTML/CSS for your own site.

Google Fonts - Free to use fonts for your sites.

Sadgrl's Layout Builder - Easy HTML layout builder.

W3Schools - Best place for tutorials on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Places to Find Graphics

99GIF Shop - Neocities age full of old gifs, stylized as a store.

Animated Gifs - Huge library of old internet-esque GIFs. - Another huge library of gifs.

Betty's Graphics - Neocities directory of various graphics, as well as an extensive background collection.

Bonnibel's Graphics - Huge Neocities directory of lots of pixels and other images all sorted by theme.

Button Wall - A Neocities page filled with 88x31 page buttons.

Cute Kawaii Resources - Wordpress page with a good selection of pixels and other old-web graphics. - Neocities page with lots of pages of graphics and other goodies.

EstrangedReality - Tumblr full of old web graphics and various aesthetic things.

GifCities - project full of old gifs from Geocities sites.

Glitter Graphics - Essential old web/MySpace graphic source. Also has a few generators.

Internet Bumper Stickers - Bumper stickers of the internet kind.

Jans Graphics - Another big graphics directory.

Kawaiiness - Lots of cute pixels of various kinds.

Nightmare Fantasmic - They have a lot of old anime webpage graphics.

MeanGreenMulletMachine - Tumblr that posts & reblogs lots of old-anime graphics.

Myspace-Era-Freak - Tumblr that reblogs and posts a lot of MySpace graphics.

Oceantoyz - Tumblr that reblogs/posts a lot of kidcore things, including old sticker PNGs.

OldNetTreasures - A link to a Tumblr's archive (due to the page being designed weird) that reblogs & posts old web graphics.

Pattern Vomit - Tumblr that reblogs & posts (mostly) tiled backgrounds.

Peachie's Collection - Link to a Web Archive to someone's pixel directory. Might be a bit finnicky due to the archived nature, but the OG site went down recently.

Pixel-Soup - Tumblr that reblogs lots of cute pixels.

PurpleWonderlandd - Tumblr full of purple aesthetic things.

Sadgrl's Backgrounds - Another Sadgrl page, this time full of tiled backgrounds.

Tentacrafts - A page full of free-to-use digital scrapbooking images and PNGS.

Textfiles Construction - Loads of "under construction" gifs and graphics.

Transparent Stickers - Tumblr that posts and reblogs scanned stickers.

UsagiPixels - Tumblr full of pixels, mostly dividers.

Vaporesource - Neocities with resources, all in a very vaporwave aesthetic.

Web Buttons - Directory of 88x15 buttons.

Places to Make Graphics

3dtext2gif - Make 3D animated text with lots of different animated effects.

3DTextMaker - Make 3D animated text in a variety of colors and fonts.

ACA Button Maker - Make those little 88x15 pixel buttons.

Blinkie - Lots of blinkie makers, but they're a little bit confusing IMO. - Another blinkie maker. A lot easier to work with, but you only have so many preset templates to work with.

Cool Text - Text generator.

DaFont - HUGE library of fonts.

EZGif - Place to make and edit gifs.

Flaming Text - Another text generator.

Font Meme - Text generator with lots of pop culture fonts.

GlowTxt - Text generator with a glow effect.

MyBlinkie - Easy to use but basic blinkie maker.

Make Word Art - Microsoft Word Art-style text generator.

PhotoMosh - Add various glitch effects to images. Has a premium tier, but the free stuff is pretty good too.

Photopea - Free, browser-based Photoshop clone.

Sadgrl's Button Maker - Make 88x31 buttons.

Textcraft - Another static text generator, mostly focused on video game logo fonts.

TEXTANIM - Make text with animated backgrounds.

The Super-Simple Userbox Maker - Make Userboxes! They export as the HTML, but you can just screenshot them to get them as a jpg/png.

3D Modeling/SFM/Etc

Blender - The quintessential free modeling software.

SFMLab - Alternative hosting service for SFM models. Be warned, there are a lot of NSFW models here.

Valve Developer Community - The directory for SFM tutorials on the Valve Developer Community wikia.


My Abandonware - Downloads for abandonware games ranging from 1978 to 2010.

Old Games Download - A directory of older PC games.

R/Roms Nintendo Megathread Directory - Links to a lot of Nintendo ROMs and BIOs.

Vimm's Lair - Extensive directory of ROMs for many systems, like the Wii, PlayStation, and the DS.


Citra - Nintendo 3DS.

Duckstation - PlayStation.

Dolphin - Nintendo GameCube & Nintendo Wii.

FXEUX - Nintendo Entertainment System.

melonDS - Nintendo DS.

PCSX2 - PlayStation 2. A little finnicky.

Project64 - Nintendo 64.

Snex9X - Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

VisualBoyAdvance - Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

Old Flash

Disney--Games - Run by the same folks as NuMuKi, has loads of the old Disney flash games. Works with their Flash browser.

Flashpoint - Downloadable archive of old Flash games that comes bundled with all the necessary ways to play them. Kind of a big download, but worth it if you want to play practically any and all Flash games.

NuMuKi - Extensive library of old flash games, mostly of the aimed-towards-girls variety, and has their own Flash browser.

Misc. Junk - Place for TF2 HUD (Heads-Up Display) mods.

ToonHUD - A very specific TF2 HUD site, the one I use.

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