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Proof of my insane levels of autism for a 60-year old British sci-fi television show.

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collection of things

I have a collection of Doctor Who things. Here is, to the best of my memory, a list of said collection. Eventually, this page will have pictures, when I'm not feeling absolutely lazy.


I honestly do not remember all of the books I own. I have a few of the behind-the-scenes books they published during the 20th anniversary, a small collection of Fourth Doctor novelizations I got for my birthday one year, and two Twelfth Doctor comics my best friend bought me for my birthday a different year. I used to have one of the Twelve novels, but I have no idea where I put it.


My pride and joy of my DW collection is my box set of Peter Capaldi's episodes. I mostly use it to loop series 10 in the background as a comforting background noise. I also own two smaller collections of New Who episodes (series 1-series 8) that feature Daleks and Cybermen, but I only actually have the Dalek DVD. No idea where the Cyberman one went. Finally, I have a box set of series 1, that I think was something my dad bought but I kept ahold of.


I really only have one DW toy. Over Christmas break this last year, I bought myself a replica of Twelve's series 10 Sonic Screwdriver. It's become a sort of fidget toy for me because it makes noises and has a sliding button on it that feels really nice to play with.

Misc. Merch

Finally, all my other things. I have a TARDIS diary that I use as my primary diary (when I remember to write in it) I got as a gift at some point. I also have this really nice TARDIS blanket that is currently sitting on my bed, and a TARDIS pillow I keep at home because I like having multiple pillows when I sleep. There are probably other things I'm forgetting I own, but as it stands, those are my things.